is a collaboration between artist Ayano Hattori and anthropologist/ethnographer Robert Simpkins. Pieces of art and ethnography reside in museums, representing artists’ subjective realities and forms of knowledge about cultural Others or otherhuman beings. This collaboration attempts to decolonise ethnographic traditions of research, its methodologies and outcomes. In particular, it addresses the power inequality between researcher and research subjects in the process of representation, through creative collaborative productions. These productions, and the processes involved, open up a space for reflection about art and anthropology: the act of knowledge creation, how lines and boundaries between people and perspectives are drawn, where responsibility is taken or sacrificed, when and how creation and interpretation happens, and what a completed work actually speaks about truth, which kind of truth, and, the truth for whom.

Collectively Unmaking the Field

Establishing a Real Balance

From the Field into the Pink Sky

About Robert Simpkins






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